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20 x Best kept secrets to keep your small to medium business flourishing and ever growing

Tip #4: 

Know your competitors. What are they doing? How do they approach their advertising/marketing? Are they successful, and if so why? Can you improve on their approach? When you have studied your competitors, then market or package yourself differently. Marketing is all about finding your point of difference and capitalising upon it.

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20 x Best kept secrets to keep your small to medium business flourishing and ever growing

Tip #3: 

Source opportunities to put your promotional materials/samples/offers in delegate bags, gift bags and on public display at conferences, talks etc. . Choose your events wisely and you can quickly zero in on your potential prospects.

PSS Business Tip #3

PSS Business Tip #3


Specifically designed for medical fridges, these UPS are equipped to accept large in-rush currents (when the fridge motor switched on) and run for up to 24 hours on batteries.

Wall mount ability ensures that where space is a premium – this ensures it will fit as the UPS and battery pack takes up no floor room!

With a large charger, batteries will be close to maximum power (within 24 hours of mains being present after a black out).

User friendly software helps monitor the status or send a signal to people monitoring the equipment, when nobody is on site.

A perfect fit for small and large medical practices.

Advantages of buying on Specials

A really good special, is when goods are sold for just above cost. Manufacturers often do  this  to clear stock as they may be over stocked in these lines.

This is an ideal opportunity for customers to stock up or to pass the discounted goods on in promotions.

Every rack needs a UPS

Most critical communications gear is housed in a rack.  To operate at full potential, they should all be backed up by a UPS.

Rack mount UPS are more costly than free standing UPS, because of higher manufacturing costs. If space permits, many racks have freestanding UPS installed especially on the smaller installations.

10 Common Power Issues

10 Common Power Issues

  1. Outage – Blackouts
  2. Sags/Brownouts
  3. Dynamic over Voltage
  4. Under Voltage
  5. Over Voltage
  6. Lightning
  7. Transient (Surge)
  8. Frequency Variations
  9. Voltage Distortion
  10. Voltage Harmonics

Product Range

Product Range

  1. 19” Data Racks

19” Data racks ranging from 6RU small mountable racks right up to 42RU floor standing 19” Data racks. All accessories and parts available.

  • Single section wall mounted racks
  • Double section wall mounted racks
  • 19 inch network cabinets
  • 800mm wide 19 inch server racks
  • Wall mount brackets
  • Open Frames
  • Aluminum Weatherproof wall mounted racks
  • Weatherproof floor standing racks
  • Gecko outdoor enclosures
  1. UPS

UPS – Line interactive Desk Top UPS 600VA right through to 800VA Online Industrial UPS. All accessories and parts available.

  • Eco-Alto series from 600 to 2200VA
  • Xcell+ series from 1 to 10 KVA
  • Extender series 800VA with 1-4 hours
  • Enduro series from 1 to 10KVA
  • Master series from 10 to 30KVA
  • GP series from 4 to 10KVA
  • PMU series from 10 to 200KVA
  • PMU+ series from 10 to 600KVA
  1. Power Supplies– Easy to handle 12 Volt AC/DC right up to 24 Volts. All accessories and parts available.
  2. Power conditioners
  3. Battery
  4. RollUPS