The Thor DRM95!!

Imagine having prefect sound and vision, well now you can!


… The Thor DRM95!!

The Thor DRM95 is the only product in its class with Thor’s Patented dynamic active tracking.

But what does this all mean:

Do your lights flicker, does your TV sometimes look blurry or is the colour not as sharp as it should be. AC power coming into your property is not always as ‘clean’ as we expect. There will often be power spikes or surges that will not only affect the day to day running of your electrical appliances and equipment yet may damage them.


  • Dynamic Active Tracking Double Filtration
  • Internal Back EMF Protected
  • High Temp and High Impact Housing
  • EMI/RFI Noise Reduction filter
  • Easy to install
  • Single Phase Device
  • Three Phase Application (one each phase)
  • Din Rail Mounted
  • 20Amp and 30Amp models

So how does The Thor DRM95 help in this protection:

The Thor DRM95 is an AC mains Dynamic active tracking filter that also has a built-in surge protection isolator.

What is a spike?

A Spike is a rapid increase in voltage that lasts less than a millisecond.

Spikes- degrade components and shorten the components life.

What is a surge?

A surge is a rapid increase in voltage that lasts longer than a millisecond

Surges last longer and tend to cook or burn out equipment

High and Low power problems

Blackouts, brownouts and why you need surge protector for both!

What is Active tracking?

Active tracking filters up to 40% more frequencies, as apposed to competing products that are passive tracking.

We spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment yet if the AC power to the building is not monitored and corrected we risk these products functioning improperly or getting damaged.

With more reliance on electricity in the average commercial and residential property doesn’t it make sense to protect your equipment?

Contact us for more details and pricing!

PSS Distributors is now Distributing this Thor product.


Discarded electronic equipment is one of the fastest growing waste products today due to the increasingly large usage of these products. This needs to be monitored responsibly and methods used such as effective collection, reuse and recycling. Each person using these products can also make the right and responsible decision for discarding their equipment.

Electronic equipment waste contains hazardous material which is harmful to the environment and human health and this waste is growing three times faster than general municipal waste.

Governments and organisations are working closer with such projects.

At PSS – we take discarding of our old electronic items and batteries very seriously and ensure our methods comply with safety standards.

We strip out units and recycle the parts. We also offer a service to our customers whereby we discard their old batteries for them.

Please call us on 130088447 for assistance or information.

Importance of servicing UPS

Although most of the modern units test batteries periodically, if is always good to power the UPS every 6 months.

This is done by switching the power off to the UPS and monitoring DC voltage. Once the batteries reach 20% capacity, re-instating power. This cycles the battery, prolonging their service life.

If the batteries do not perform to specification, they should be replaced by a qualified service technician and old batteries disposed of correctly.

The 5 biggest mistakes made when ordering a UPS

The 5 biggest mistakes made when ordering a UPS

1.       Not knowing their load- If the load is not known, it’s like buying a Ute and not knowing what payload needs to be carried

2.       Not knowing what battery time is needed- this is determined by the load requirements

3.       What format and weight of UPS- UPS com in rack mounted or floor standing units and are primarily manufactured from copper and lead.

4.       Power to supply UPS- in most cases when one big UPS needs to supply critical equipment, the load needs to come from one adequate supply.

5.       No budget set aside for electrical work- When supplying a UPS that cannot be plugged into a 10A GPO, the UPS need to be wired in by a qualified electrician.

Our handy UPS calculator addresses most of the above questions making it an extremely useful tool when buying a UPS.

Advantages of service contracts

From research carried out by various UPS companies, it has been shown that the chance of UPS failure is nearly four times greater when the unit is not regularly checked and serviced.

PSS Maintenance contracts include two site visits per year where PSS technicians will check the condition of the UPS and advise if any issues. We will test batteries, run discharge tests to establish battery life, check operating parameters as well as perform any required adjustments.

Our all-inclusive service contracts are designed to offer 24 x 7 peace of mind protection for our customers; we will take ownership of all UPS related matters and deal with them promptly.

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