Compact enclosures with louver on side

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Model: GB.1034S
Dimensions: 300 x 210 x 400mm
Model: GB.1038S
Dimensions: 380 x 210 x 600mm
Model: GB.6080S
Dimensions: 600 x 210 x 800mm


  • Fan vents with insect screen (blanking plates suppled without fans)
  • Polyurethane gasket between cabinet and all covers to ensure IP integrity
  • Cabinet can be either Pole or Wall mounted
  • Solid back with pole mounting rails & 4 x wall mounting ears
  • Solid front door with two secure locks
  • Sealed gland plate
  • Adjustable mounting plate
  • Door opens 110 degrees with standard hinge
  • Polyurethane gasket around the entire door
  • Welded frame for structural strength
  • IP66 or IP55 Rated determined by vents
  • 1 x 30cm earthing cable included